About Fun-A-Day Online

The Fun-A-Day Online website and gallery is my (Dana Renee’s) take on a virtual iteration of the local Fun-A-Day events. This is an independent project that was created in the spirit of Fun-A-Day as a way for participants from everywhere to post and share their work. Not everyone has a show near them or they may not be able to attend for one reason or another. This is a place for those who cannot otherwise display their work to share it and for those who do participate in local shows to share their work with other Fun-A-Dayers from all over the country (and even internationally!).

Each year the projects will be archived and will remain accessible.

About the Creators of Fun-A-Day

The Fun-A-Day concept was originally created by the Artclash Collective, a Philadelphia-based group of artists who organize art projects and shows that aim to be fun, inclusive and participatory. Fun-a-Day starts January 1st. Pick a project, do it every day in January and show your work in a group show the following month.


To find out more about the Artclash Collective or to find a Fun-A-Day show happening near you visit: www.artclash.com